Residential Architecture

At Simply Architecture, we pride ourselves on creating outstanding architecturally designed homes around the specific needs of our clients – and how they live their lives or wish to express their individuality.

We can provide ideas on how to maximise space and light or to make an existing space more functional to suit your lifestyle or requirements.

We believe in client collaboration being an integral and vital part of the residential design process. By using this approach, we ensure that your vision is carried through the construction process.

With an international focus on improving energy efficiency and sustainability, we are also able to offer advice and expertise on sustainable design and building. It is wise to consider incorporating energy efficient and sustainable elements in even the smallest homes these days.

We are experts in providing our clients with comprehensive, professional architectural design and draughting advice and our aim is to simplify the process from concept through to construction.

From the smallest alteration and extension to the most extravagant architectural new build – no project is out of our reach!

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